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Common Core Standard Tutoring In:

Elementary School (ALL SUBJECTS)

Middle School

High School

Also We Provide Tutoring In:

College Algebra

GED  Prep

HESI-A2 Prep (Math)

ACT Prep

Along W/ "Life Tutoring" Services:

Generating Resumes

Simple Budgeting Strategies

Car Buying Tips/Advice

Simple Credit Building Tips/Advice



1. Where are these services located?

Tutoring services is located in Kenner,  Metairie, and New Orleans surrounding areas in Louisiana. 

2. Is travel included? 


3. How long are the sessions?

 Each session is exactly 60 minutes. Sessions will begin promptly at your pre-scheduled time. If you are late I can not stay later to make up lost time due to other other clients being scheduled, nor will your fee be adjusted for that missed time.

 4. How often can we meet?

Tutoring can take place as often as you wish; taking your study needs and budget into full consideration. We recommend that tutoring take place once a week for younger students, and you can schedule more frequently older students with more complex subjects. We encourage you to email us to see what works best for you, because each student's session is customized.